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Meet the Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. If you have any concerns please speak to any of our safeguarding leads.

Trusted Adults

Each year, we ask all of our children to select a trusted adult from both home and school whom they feel comfortable to talk to about any concerns. Each class has a list of trusted adults so our staff know who to direct the children to if they have any worries.

At Newick, we encourage our children to talk to their trusted adult.

We want to make sure that all children here feel safe and secure both emotionally and physically.

What is a trusted adult?

A trusted adult is someone that you have a good relationship with. It is someone who you think has your best interests in mind. You have a right to choose your trusted adult at school and at home.

How can a trusted adult help you?

Your trusted adult is there for you to talk to and support you.

  • They can talk to you about any concerns or worries that you have.
  • They could support you to talk to other people about your concerns or worries.

Road safety assembly welcoming our road crossing volunteers, November 2019